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The brand Tiffany & Co. is not a strange name anymore for the jewelry lovers, this brand is also well known by the ordinary society. The name Tiffany & Co. is the biggest name for the jewelry brand in the United States. This company was established a very long time ago back in 1837 in New York City, USA. It started out as a stationary store named Tiffany, Young, and Ellis in New York. The company later found its main expertise in manufacturing and selling best quality jewelry in 1853 and changed its name into Tiffany & Co. This company has so many histories and experiences in their quality of silverware in the country; it also took a great part in serving the national army by providing the Medal of Honor for the US army and designed special china sets for the White House.

They were also establishing the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the American Football Team. Besides those records, Tiffany is also a number one jewelry manufacturer in the world. The company uses 925 Sterling Silver to make the jewelry, and other best materials of gold, pink gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, diamond, stainless steel, and other best quality gemstones such as opal, turquoise, jade, camelian, lapis, and moonstone. Nowadays, Tiffany has 103 stores around the world and 64 stores in the United States alone. Their Flagship stores can be found in many big cities like Dubai, New York, Rome, Tokyo, Berlin, and Moscow. Tiffany also offers the E-commerce website for their customers to make them easier in purchasing the jewelry.

There are many amazing facts in Tiffany & Co. as the biggest jewelry manufacturer in the world. They have their catalogue named “The Blue Book”, which was released in 1845, ever since the book becomes their trademark and the company releases it every year. They also have their own diamond named “The Tiffany Diamond” which is a big and beautiful yellow diamond canary. The company has many stunning collections of silver, gold, diamond jewelry sets, engagement rings, high-end watches and accessories such as leather bags, perfumes, and men’s jewelry collections. Tiffany has various collections of jewelries from sterling silver for those who are allergic to gold and simply like the shiny silver rather than gold. The company also has hundreds collections of classic yellow gold jewelry for you who like classic style. Platinum as the rarest and most expensive collection of Tiffany can also be your choice; you may take a look in Enchant and Soleste necklace collections among many others.

The collections of white gold combined with beautiful diamond can be as classy as yellow gold when it comes to necklaces, rings, and bracelets, you may take a look at Paloma Picasso’s collections. Paloma Picasso’s “Venezia” is a great collection of rose gold necklaces will complete your jewelry collections at home. You can also see many stunning collections of stainless steel and titanium jewelry if you would like to try something different. Lacquer is also a material that is used in Tiffany’s jewelry; you may see the lacquer jewelry in the Elsa Peretti’s necklace collection.

The last one is Rubedo Metal, which is a trademark creation of Tiffany. Rubedo founded in the 1800’s by Freemason alchemist. Rubedo means red metal; it is a fusion of gold, silver, and copper to create a stunning pink color. It is created to celebrate 175th birthday of Tiffany & Co. In the Rubedo jewelry collections, you will find the number of 1837, the signature of Charles Tiffany, the emblem of Tiffany and a number K. However, you will not find Rubedo Collection since it was produced only until the end of 2012. If you ever want to buy your love ones an amazing gift, Tiffany has a great gift store section that will help you find the best gift for your precious ones.

Dubai as one of the central of jewelry trade also brings Tiffany & Co. to open their flagship store there. In 2009, Tiffany opened its first Dubai stores and has opened their Middle East headquarters in Dubai. There are some stores in Dubai where you can find many beautiful jewelry collections of Tiffany. One of them is at the Dubai Mall or the Jumeriah Towers Walk, Deira City Centre, Atlantis the Palm Hotel, BurJuman Shopping Mall, and the Mall of the Emirates.

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