De Beers Jewlry Dubai

De Beers knows the best what makes a diamond beautiful under the shiny light. Having been founded since 1888 and having controlled every aspect of diamond, from the mining up to the trading, De Beers learns how to create the perfect diamond that contains the most important elements of diamond which are Fire, Life and Brilliance. These three elements are the first things that should be fulfilled when creating a diamond. Fire means that beautiful rainbow that is seen from the diamond which is produced by the dispersion of the light, Life means the scintillation or sparkle that appears whenever you move the stone, while Brilliance means the brightness of the stone that is caused by the white light when the diamond is still. These are the elements that De Beers jewelry always has.

Founded by Cecil Rhodes in Luxembourg, this company had successfully taken control of the industry of diamond in all the country at that time until his retirement. The success came from his ability to have the monopoly in this industry and manage it well. Moreover, the jeweller can also reach its success by producing the high quality, stylish and durable diamonds. Every piece of the jewelry is created by the professional craftsmanship and brings the history and the long traditions which are combined with the modernity. Thus, every piece of diamond in the jewelry contains both the eternal story of the past and hope for the future. Whenever the style of the diamond gets older, De Beer is always able to re-invent it.

In order to strengthen the stories within the diamond, De Beers has different master jewellers around the world so that its every type of diamond has its own hometown. For many decades, this craftsmanship has successful in creating full-of-story yet stylish jewelry and has made De Beers to be the trustful number one jeweller.

De Beers jewelry consists of necklace, earrings, bracelets and bangles and rings for both women and men, although most of the collection are for women. For the collection of the engagement and wedding jewels, De Beers has not only the ring or the band but also the earring, ear stud and pendant. The engagement and wedding collections will make you sparkle in these best moments in your life. Since diamond is believed as the symbol of the purity and eternal love, which is also the reason of this jeweller to produce the endless round of the ring, De Beersí diamond is the best choice as your engagement ring and wedding band. Thus, do not be hesitate to show your love with this stone which is used as the tip of Cupidís arrow.

De Beersí design collections have some amazing different kinds of diamond. The designs are to maintain the beauty of the white and fancy color diamonds so that it will be long last and suit to the other natural materials which are combined with this magnificent stone, such as silver or gold. These special collections are Atea inspired by the magical cycles of natures, Azulea inspired by sunrise, sunset and horizon, De Beers Aura inspired by the magnetic awe of a charismatic figure, Wildflowers inspired by the delightful blossoms of natural flower, Reverie reflecting your desires, ambitions and hopes, Talisman which shows the philosophy of De Beers and is inspired by the legend of Talisman, and many other design collections.

De Beers now have many stores around the world. You can easily find it in Asia, Europe, USA and even Middle East. This jeweller has 3 stores in Middle East in which 2 of them are in Dubai, the city of UAE which is well known for its production of gold and oil and its development in tourism. No wonder why Dubai has been chosen to open most De Beers stores in Middle East. In this city, you can purchase your favorite diamond collection either at Dubai Mall or Mall of the Emirates by making the appointment before visiting the store. After that, you can also enjoy the joy of shopping in these world famous malls. You will never regret of visiting these malls since they offer various luxurious brands of clothes, jewels, furniture, and even well-known classy restaurant.

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