Cartier Jewelry Dubai

One more brand that specializes on the creating of well known high-end luxurious jewelry is Cartier. Since its first launching in 1847 under the family business of Louis-Francois Cartier, Cartier jewelry has been admired by people, both men and women, from every age. Under the headquarter in Paris, Cartier successfully created its famous jewelry and wrist watches, in which one of them is the famous Bestiary which is the product of Cartier that is able to tame the wild panther into the bejeweled decoration in Cartierís jewelry and wrist watch. The bestiary jewelry has smoothly brought the touch of masculinity of panther into the beauty of jewels, such as necklace, brooch, and many others.

Another unique creation which includes in Cartier jewelry is Cartierís LOVE. This is the founder of the love bracelets nowadays, however, the authentic Cartier LOVE bracelet is specially made in the form of cuff and is completed with the use of special locking mechanism. The locking mechanism enables this bracelet to be opened only by using a special screwdriver which is given in the box when someone buys this bracelet. This unique idea was triggered by Aldo Cipullo in 1969 to symbolize the endless love.

Cartier Trinity is the next mythical jewelry which is made by the Cartierís professional craftsmen. This kind of Cartier jewelry consists of three rings which are combined into one ring. Each ring is made of different kind of gold, which are yellow gold, white gold and pink gold, and these gold are combined with platinum and silver. Another type of the ring can also be decorated with diamonds. Besides as a ring, this is usually be used as a pendant. Thus, this ring really symbolizes the variety that becomes one. If you are thinking to propose your girlfriend, this ring can be the perfect proposal band that can symbolize your unity.

Another unique creativity that shows Cartierís love in floral and animal is Caresse d'orchidťes par Cartier. This collection of Cartier jewelry is decorated with orchid-form decoration, which symbolizes the delicate and feminine appeal, and completed with diamond and other colorful gems. The Caresse d'orchidťes par Cartier consists of ring, necklace, bracelet, hairpin, brooch, earring, and others.

Next beautiful craft of Cartier is the Santos wrist watch. This watch was triggered by the complaint of Louis Cartierís friend, Alberto Santos-Dumont, who thought that pocket watch was not practical while flying. Thus, Cartier designed this Cartierís first menís wrist watch which was loved not only by Santos but also by other people up to today. The Santos has been developed into many kinds of jewelry in which the designs use the signature design of Santos wrist watch. Santos de Cartier consists of pendant, bracelet and chain which are made of white gold and yellow gold. The characteristic of this Cartier jewelry is that it is decorated with the screw similar to the one in Cartierís LOVE.

For you who are thinking about what wedding band that will compliment your finger and show your and your spouseís everlasting commitment, Cartierís wedding bands are the most perfect choice. All kinds of Cartierís wedding band are made of the best quality of white, pink and yellow gold and are beautified with pure stone. Cartier lets you have some choices in choosing your wedding band by creating some designs of band which are taken from the signature of Cartierís collection. The basic wedding band is the one with very simple design, almost similar to Cartier díAmour wedding band. The others are Trinity, LOVE, Happy Birthday (the design consists of ďLogo CartierĒ consisting of ďdouble CĒ as its signature), Mailon PanthŤre, LaniŤres, Ballerine and many others. All of these designs have their own uniqueness that you can choose to suit your taste or your love story.

As the fame develops, Cartierís official branch has been established in many countries in the world. Far from its headquarter in Paris, Cartier has also opened the store in Dubai, the famous tourism place. The collection of Cartier jewelry can be found in Cartier Dubai Mall boutique which decorated based on the concern to the privacy of Cartierís VIP guests while still highlighting the magic of Cartierís elegance.

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